Celebrating the Life and Legacy of C.L.R. James

                   Conference - The Life and Legacy of C.L.R. James

                                           13th April 2013 11am-6pm 

The new Dalston C.L.R. Library in Dalston, Hackney

The C.L.R. James Legacy Project developed out of the campaign to save the name of the C.L.R. James Library in Dalston, Hackney which bears the name of the great writer, academic and historian.

When the local council announced that the library was relocating to a new £4.4 million development just metres away they also stated that the name of C.L.R. James would be dropped.

BEMA, the local black and ethnic minority arts organisation launched a campaign to save the name and were supported by local alliance Hackney Unites. Just over six weeks after launching the campaign – which centred around a petition that garnered local and international support – there was enough pressure brought to bear to  convince Hackney Council to retain the name of C.L.R. James.

Now Hackney Unites and BEMA have come together to ensure that the legacy of C.L.R. James is kept alive. Not just through a building but through documentation and analysis of his life’s work. Much has been written about C.L.R. James and his work. He inspired many people on many continents. We hope this web-site will go some way towards celebrating his life and legacy for now and for the generations to come.

C.L.R James & his Legacy: Living your Ideas
Author, broadcaster and award-winning Guardian columnist,Gary Younge  delivered the first C.L.R. James Memorial lecture at the recently re-opened library: Click here to view: https://vimeo.com/41534147