Clash Royale – Is it boring and monotonous? Or interesting and diversified?

What it should be

As the creators of clash royale hack planned, it had to be very interesting and diversified. The main reason of this is the possibility to choose different tactics before every battle. Either you don’t know the tactics of the enemy. You have to correctly estimate your cards and choose the ones that balance each other, that will best suit a concrete arena, the concrete enemy. This is also the main characteristic of this game because of which a lot of people adore it. They say – such a simple game, such a simple interface and such an abundance of fantasy, of tactical thinking. This helps to develop logical thinking, this helps to develop mind and makes the children, or any player smarter. In addition to this, the interface is not too bloody, the characters are quite funny and the whole game is designed in a way to make as much fun as possible. That’s the second reason why people adore it. So, the game should be interesting and diversified.

What it is

Unfortunately, human nature always finds the worst side of everything, the minus side, the gap and uses it for his/her own interests. The gap for this game appeared to be the “copy” button. The players that lose the battles often copy the tactics of the opponents. A lot of players speak about that problem, they love the game, but they usually meet one and the same balance of cards at the opposite side and thus the game becomes sometimes boring and monotonous. So, removing that copy button is one possible way to make the game what it should be.

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