Cultivating the Depth of Mindfulness through Effective Texts

You have the books on Buddhism by Sharon Salzberg and she has written the popular book called Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness. This is the sort of book you would like to return every time. The subject is clear and precise and here you can make an apt investigation of the lovingkindness or metta. One can well relate with the personal stories being mentioned at the place. With this, one can have a deep understanding of the teachings of Gautama Buddha. The book will also let you know about meditation and Buddhist practices. In this way, you can start discovering the essence of Buddhist heart practices. In the book called Real Happiness by Sharon, one can take the challenge of 28 days of meditation. This is sure to serve as a catalyst to help you have the best Buddhist practice in life.  In case you find it hard to have a regular sitting practice, this book can help.

The book by Sharon will inspire you for the Monthlong Meditation Challenges. With this, you can sit for the practice along with Sharon for a period of 28 days and this is made to happen online. She is the right person to introduce you to the set of best mindfulness books so that you can well understand the importance of practicing Buddhism. There is the third book by Sharon and it is named as Real Happiness at Work. In this book, you can investigate about mindfulness, kindness, and compassion being practiced at the workplace.

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