Fun facts obtained randomly

If you are bored and you don’t really know what to do, why not check out this awesome kind of list which has funny facts that were obtained randomly

If you want to lose 150 calories within an hour bang your head against the wall

On chrtistmas day in UK, it is considered illegal eating mince peas

The sweat of hippo turns red when it becomes upset

A murder is word that refers to flock of crows

Psychologists have identifies “Facebook Addiction Disordder” as a mental disorder

In 5 years a woman uses lipstick that measures her body height

The “put a pillow in your fridge day” is on 29th May

The fear of fun is referred to as Cherophobia

The saliva from humans is considered to have a boiling point of up to 3 times than water

The kangaroo cannot hop when you lift it up

People who get aroused by touching fabrics are known as Hyphephilia

The billy goats are known to urinate on their heads so that they attract females with the small

Frisbees were invented by a person who died and he was cremated into a Frisbee too

It is considered that a person produces up to two swimming pools of saliva during their lifetime

If polar bears live in a similar place they would eat up to 86 penguins in one sitting

King Henry VIII considered sleeping with gigantic axe next to him

Men invented the tampons and bikinis

The eagle has ability to kill a deer and fly with it

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