How to use your e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes have revolutionised the entire smoking world and given smokers a slightly healthier option to fulfil their addiction. Cheap e liquid is now available and therefore more and more people are switching to the e-version of smoking. Let us take a look at how to use your e-cigarette:

Charging the e-cigarette:

When you are looking to use your e-cigarette for the first time then you should ensure that the cigarette has been charged for at least 10 hours. Once this charging process is complete you can achieve full charge in around 4 hours from the next cycle. The signal that you should look for is the green light on the cigarette.

Assembling the Device:

First the atomizer and battery should be screwed together. Then you should find the cartridge and remove its protective cap. After that the cartridge can be attached with the atomizer. Most e-cigarettes come with ready to use pre filled cartridges.

Pressing the button:

Once you switch on the dedicated button you can start inhaling from the mouthpiece. This will activate the atomizer, the e-liquid will start heating and get drawn from the tank. This will possibly the only time you had switch the device on as at most times the cigarette is on standby.

Smoking with the same pleasure as a normal cigarette:

Start taking long and peaceful puffs from the e-cigarette. It might take time to get used to but remember that you are choosing a healthier option for your life.

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