Military Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a home for various military academies that trains students to pursue life in military service. Wisconsin is the 23rd largest state in US and most of their academies focus on discipline, training and academics that helps students to enter into the military services. They’re specially designed academics help students to enter into different branches of military service. The Wisconsin Military Academy located at Fort McCoy provides military education and dining in facility to cadets. The military campus is spread in an area of 27 acres and most f their classrooms are equipped with a computer, digital projector and smart board. Students will get the option to choose single and double rooms in the school campus and they will be provided appliances such as washers and dryers for students. The recreation area is near to the military academy and the area includes grill, volleyball, court and a horseshoe pit.

St. John’s Northwest Military Academy located in Delafield, Wisconsin is a boarding school only for boys. The school was founded in 18884 and cadets are provided admission for grade 7 to 12. They also provide day school admission for students grade 6 to 12. Here students engage in a variety of athletic activities such as basketball, baseball, football, hockey, tennis, rifle and swimming. The motto of military academy is work hard, play hard and pray hard. The military academy changed its name in 1995 when it merged with naval academy and military academy in Wisconsin. Just like other military academies, St. John’s also offer post graduate programs for students. The PG program helps students to increase their test score and athletic. About 300 students are enrolled in the school with 60 faculty.

The Kenosha Military Academy offers admission to students from grade 9 to 12. It is an excellent school for those students who wants to pursue career in military service. Around 1,000 students are enrolled in this school and the academy promotes leadership and discipline among students. The academy has created a professional environment that motivates students personal growth. The school provides special uniform for students at free of cost and they encourage students to pursue careers in the armed force. The cadets studying in military academy have to undergo four year leadership education and training classes. The US army has worked together with the students to ensure success in their life. The graduates from the Kenosha military academy gets a chance to join ROTC programs. The academy is totally a competitive school that gives students a solid foundation required to join military.

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