The theory behind the clash royale chest drop cycle

The game clash royale has been very popular and in demand for the mobile android and IOS users in the year 2016. Why not? It has every reason for being the best. Amidst the strategic game section the game is totally worth of downloads and it has some amazing features. Players indulging in war online. Making strategies, fighting with the enemies and many such fun elements are stuffed in the game. Now there have been various talks relating to the  clash royale chest drop cycle. Let us have a look at the way the cycle works.

Actually the chest drop cycle in the game is based on certain list. It is doesn’t change though but regarding the number of chest  player would get is fixed in the game. the system of chest cycle follows a 240 cycle which starts at 0 and ends at 239. It is fixed that during a 240 cycle a player would get 4 giant chest,52 gold chest, and 180 silver chests. This is fixed.  After the cycle reaches the 239th mark, the cycle rests itself at 0. So this is the whole theory behind the chest drop cycle.  There have also been a lot of talks regarding the super magical chest.  Here two points should be noted:

  • Once when the super magical chest is dropped , it will replace 1 chest in the chest drop cycle.
  • The super magic chest doesn’t drop randomly and a player gets 1 SMC in a cycle of 500 chests.

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