The waterproofing ratings in a fitness tracker

Well, if you looking to use a fitness tracker while you swim then we will have to ensure that the tracker is waterproof. Fitness trackers for swimming has a waterproofing rating and it is important to understand the features of this rating before buying a fitness tracker for yourself. Well, let us have a look at the salient standards of waterproofing:

IP Standards and ATM standards are the numbers that suggest the waterproofing of a particular device. It is difficult to comprehend inferences from the numbers but you should have an idea about the minimum levels required. In the series of articles that we did on fitness trackers for swimming we focussed on devices with a rating above IP68. This means that the device can survive 1 m under water for a continued period of time. Having said that the exact features of such a rating depends on the manufacturer of the fitness tracker.

ATM standards are also essential when it comes to fitness trackers. A rating of 1 ATM will suggest that the fitness tracker id waterproof up to 10 metres of pressure. The pressure rating associated with a water proofing device is extremely important primarily because taking the device 10 m under water is different from unleashing a garden hose on it. Therefore, devices are rated on how much pressure it can withstand and not on how deep you can carry the device.

Therefore, before buying a fitness tracker make sure that you check the ratings.

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